Web & Graphic Designer Common Mistakes

The best way a graphic designer can learn and gain experience is on trial and error basis, particularly the aspiring, young and inexperienced graphic designers, who regularly commit mistakes. There is an old age adage of “To err is human”, so there is no real need to fret and worry about it the next time you make mistake. The best thing you can do is to learn from your mistakes and blunders.

Graphic Designers Common Mistakes

Here we wish to educate our design community about some of the basic errors which we encounter at different stages that a graphic designer makes through their graphic design careers.

Working Without A Creative Brief

Before beginning with any graphic design project, the details are very importance to help guide the designer through the complete process. Some of the graphic designers are over confident and have the habit of starting the project without attaining required details and design brief, which is not good at all. A design brief goes a long way in helping the designer gather all information required for the client’s project. It’s simply not possible to start working on a graphic design project, without fully knowing what the client is looking for.

Ignoring Target Audience

The essence of graphic design is to help companies visually by conveying message to the targeted audience. Hence, graphic designers will always struggle to create the perfect design if they keep on ignoring their audience. It is of great importance to analyze the intended market in order to come up with a relevant design. If a designer overlooks the market and the targeted audience, it will result in a design that is not only weak but aimless at the same time.


The issue regarding salaries and payments are quite common when it comes to a career of a graphic designer. Hence, it is important to have a contract with the client, unless you want to be deprived of the hard earned money. We don’t mean to imply that clients have ill intentions, but there are always some people or clients who have the habit of running away without paying after getting the work done.

Not Staying In-Touch With Client

There are some designers who are reluctant and there are some who are just ignorant at keeping in touch with the clients. It is a really big mistake that a graphic designer can make in his or her professional career by not communicating with the client in a proper way. It can also have a negative impact on the client, as he might well feel unwanted and more importantly ignored. Taking feedback from the client is very important, if you want to avoid client criticism.


For any successful business, meeting deadlines are of utmost importance. If you are finishing your work on time, you are showing the client how determined, professional and sincere you are towards your commitments. There are always some designers who procrastinate, which is not a good habit by any means. When graphic designers do not meet deadlines, they end up passing off a mediocre design as minimalism design trend. Procrastination will result in your clients leaving you and going away, as they expect designers to be efficient in order to meet deadlines.

Staying Updated

Graphic Designing is a cut throat business and competition, it is very important for graphic designers to be updated. Designers should stay updated with all the latest developments in their field. With technology upgrading all the time, new ways of designing are also evolving with every passing day. Those who are not making the effort to stay updated and are unable to catch up in designing will lose the race eventually.

Failing to Start in Black & White

There are quite a few designers who don’t realize the importance of starting a design in black and white, and fail to understand its importance. They make a big mistake of creating the colored version first. It is important for a designer to know how a design may look in black and white, as there are some mediums which don’t allow colors. Hence, a design created in color might not look as good in black and white.


One of the best qualities a designer can possess is being original, and one of the biggest mistakes a designer can make is copy work of other designers. Some of the designers have a really bad habit of calling it inspiration when they copy or plagiarize. At times you might be able to get away with it, but it will affect your credibility as a creative and genuine designer in the long run.

Significance of Simplicity

Some designers make mistakes of adding heap of effects in their design thinking it will make it attractive. Adding elements that are not really needed cannot only make the design look complicated but also messy. Inexperienced designers frequently ignore the significance and power of simplicity focusing too much on designs that are intricate and difficult to comprehend. Designers should look to concentrate more on simpler concepts that their target market should remember.

Lack of Confidence

Another big mistake a designer makes is a fear of making one. Fear is nothing but False Expectations Appearing Real. Confidence is very important for the success of any business or career, and graphic designing is no different. A designer can always make mistake of losing hope and at times getting tired of constantly working on the same project and/or being unsatisfied with results. The lesson here is not to give up and keep going until the goals are achieved.